We are proud to give back 10% of our profits to various nursing homes and institutions which are working hard to make the lifes of our loved ones better

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We're on a mission to help improve lives through simple-to-use technology.

We do this by creating thoughtful products for our aging loved ones, helping them regain more independence and balance in their lives.

Growing older shouldn’t mean losing touch.

That's why we created the clearest clock for blurry memories.

Brings back independence.

"This little beauty has helped her sustain her independence, which is so important to her well-being. "

Amazon Customer

Helps with forgetfulness.

"Great clock for low vision and for forgetfulness!"


Relief for the caregivers.

"Hubby loves it and so do I because I can get some sleep as his caregiver."

Deborah Lilly

Care for the disoriented.

"When I woke up disoriented, it was like having another person in the house.

I highly recommend this to everyone."

Amazon Customer


“The clock made a striking difference. My wife looks at the wall and feels in control again. Looking forward to another 50 years. Thank you, Robin."
"This was a gift for a loved one experiencing beginnings of memory loss. The person absolutely loves it, and she is so relieved to be able to instantly know the day, date and time."
"Everyone can read it. Even the dog. I'm kidding! But if our labradoodle knew how to read, she'd be able to clearly make out the time."