How Robin was born.

After an elderly relative began experiencing memory loss, we began researching products for people with dementia. We found many devices that seemed to ignore the rich and diverse lifestyles of their elderly customers, seeing them instead as a blob of oblivious patients.

Could we create a product in the elder care category that earned real fans and defined a new market?

The Robin Day Clock was our first-ever product, designed to celebrate the ongoing independence of our memory-impaired audience.

You won’t find any talk of aging, memory-loss or dementia on the Robin product or packaging.

That’s because we’re not about what’s been lost. We’re about reminding older folks of all they are still holding onto, and everything worth preserving.

To date, our Robin Day Clocks (originally sold under the American Lifetime brand) have been purchased by over 300,000 grateful families and raved about by 10,000+ Amazon reviewers.