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Where is Robin based?

We are based in the beautiful neighborhood of 1521Alton Rd. Number 570Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Does the Day Clock come with a warranty?

Yes, all our Day Clocks come with a 1 year warranty from thedate of your purchase.

Can I return the clock if I don’t like it?

Yes. Send your clock back within 30 days for a full refund—noquestions asked. Just contact us at support@robinclock.com we’ll setup a return for you and refund your purchase in full when we receive the DayClock.

What are the advantages of the Robin Clock?

There are many reasons why we’re the most trusted brand for DayClocks! We’re a U.S based company, and we honor our warranty. We source thehighest quality components for our products; the screens for our Day Clocks areimported from Japan, which is the reason our Day Clocks are the clearest andeasiest to read in the market.

How long is the power cord?

The cord is 6 ft long.

How does the dimming option work?

When Auto Dimming is on, the Day Clock dims from 7pm until 7am.You may choose to turn off Auto Dimming. 

Can this clock be seen clearly during the night time?

The clock can be read clearly in the dark as well as during theday, as it has a high definition backlit digital screen. There’s an option forauto dimming for night time (7pm-7am), this option can be turned on and off.

Does this come already set correct time/date?

No, you need to set up the clock by selecting first the language and the timezone.

Does this automatically adjust for daylight savings time?

Yes, if you select a region that does Daylight savings time, theclock should automatically adjust.

Can it detect leap year?

Yes, it’s programmed to support Leap year.

Does the box or instructions make any mention of Dementia, Alzheimer's, etc.?

No, it does not.

Does this clock have a timer?

No, it does not have a timer.

Does the clock automatically re-set in the event of a power failure?

Yes, the Day Clock has an internal battery that allows it toautomatically reset itself to the right time and date in the event of a powerfailure. It will retain all the information, including the alarms.

Are the time and date visible from all angles?

Yes, the time and date are visible from all angles, as theresolution of the screen is very high, so it's clear from all sides.

Can this clock sit on a desk?

Yes, it can. It has an "arm" in the back that foldsout and supports the clock. You can choose to place it on a flat surface orhang it on a wall (it’s designed with a hole in the back for this purpose).

Does the clock have a chime?

Yes, the clock has a 10 second hourly chime that can be set togo on from 9am-6pm or 24 hours. You can also turn it off, of course.

How many reminders can I add?

You can add more than 20 reminders.

Can I add photos for the reminders?

Yes, you can add photos.

What is the slot next to the USB port for?

The slot next to the USB port is an SD card slot which you canuse to add photos to your reminders.

What type of SD card does it use?

It uses a micro SD card.

Can this clock work on batteries alone?

No, all Day Clocks operate with a power adapter.

How does the backup battery work?

The Day Clock has an internal battery that allows it toautomatically reset itself to the right time and date in the event of a powerfailure. It will retain all the information, including the alarms.

Does the Day Clock support other languages besides for English?

Yes, our Day Clock is multi language. You can choose English,Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Portuguese.

Can the alarms be turned off completely?

Yes, the alarms come set to 'OFF' by default, and you can chooseto turn them on to Everyday, Monday-Friday, Weekends.

How long do the alarms last? Do they go turn off automatically?

The alarms ring for 1 minute and then turn off, or they canmanually be turned off by pressing any button on the Day Clock.

Does the clock make any noise (tick, etc.)?

No, it is completely silent.

Does the Day Clock work with 220v (overseas), or only with 110v (U.S)?

Our Day Clock is 110v and 220v.

Does the Day Clock support 24 hour mode (Military Time)?

Yes, it comes with that option.

Can I set the clock to show dd/mm/yyyy (31 December 2017) as opposed to mm/dd/yyyy (December 31, 2017)?

Yes, it comes with that option.

Can I use the USB port?

The USB is not for consumer use. It was used duringmanufacturing to install the firmware.

Can I receive firmware updates using the USB port?

No, the USB port was used only used during manufacturing toinstall the firmware.

Is this a talking clock?

Yes, a talking clock button is located on the top of the clockwhich reads the current time, day of the week and date.

Can I synchronize it with my google calendar?

No, the clock cannot be connected to google calendar and is nota wifi-enabled device.

I am seeing a Time Set Error on the screen. How do I fix that?

The message 'time set error' appears in the Day Clockwhen the settings for the times that the words 'Predawn, Morning, Afternoon,Evening, Night' are changed.

Please try resettingthe times to the following:

Predawn Time Set 00

Morning Time Set 04

Afternoon Time Set 12

Evening Time Set 17

Night Time Set 21

Is this a touchscreen device?

No, it is not. The clock comes with buttons located on the backof the clock.