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Can we still use our existing remote controls?

Yes, the Robin Remote will not stop your existing remotes from working with your TV and Set Top Box, and can be used at the same time as your existing remotes, and as an alternative to them.

Can the Robin Remote control both my TV and STB (Set Top Box / Cable Box)? How does this work?

Yes, the Robin Remote can be set to either a TV-only mode, or a combined TV and STB mode. When controlling both your TV and Set Top Box, the controls will work as follows:

- On/Off - This will turn both your TV and your STB on/off at the same time.
- Volume + Controls - These will adjust your TV volume
- Channel Controls - These will adjust the channels on your Set Top Box.

Can the Robin Remote work with streaming services (Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Netflix, etc.)?

Unfortunately the Robin Remote does not provide support for streaming services at the present time.

Will the Robin Remote work with my smart TV?

Yes, the Robin Remote offers support for virtually all digital TVs.

Will the Robin Remote work with my cable provider?

The Robin Remote works with all major cable providers. A more extensive list can be found on our website.